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Detection - Protrack Ltd.


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ProTrack's Event Viewer can also be added to all the detection products, providing easy access to all Pre and Post-Alarm recorded events, and tools to analyze them. 



ProTrack's ProMotion Terra VMD Suite

  ODX 201 ODX 301 ODX 301/P


  • Multichannel VMD for Static Cameras

  • Tools for setting  Regions of Interest (ROI) and Scene Calibration
  • VMD for Scanning Cameras.

  • Designed to detect moving objects in a large area using a PTZ camera

  • Global parameters setup available
  • VMD for Scanning Cameras with Panorama

  • The Panorama is used to define Regions of Interest (ROI) and their parameters

  • Allows setting scanning paths

  • Easy navigation using “Camera Go To” to any pixel on the panorama
Region of Interest (ROI) and Parameters Settings  - +
Detection in Pre-Set Locations -  + +
MABAT Panorama Creator - - +
Available in the ARAD SDK Library + + -

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ProTrack's ProMotion Sky VMD Suite

  ODX 701 ODX 701/PAR


VMD for Airborne Cameras

VMD for Airborne cameras
Including a Parallax Filter

Available in the ARAD SDK Library +


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