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Panoramas & Mosaics - Protrack Ltd.

Panoramas & Mosaics

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A Panorama is a view of a wide region made by accurately stitching many pictures taken by a camera to one another.

ProTrack's MABAT  is used to construct high-resolution panoramas of very large areas and angles, using ground-based video sensors (camera, FLIR, etc.).

The resulting panorama can be Single or Multi-Strip, and can cover up to 360 degrees.

MABAT can be operated manually or automatically. It controls the sensor's movement according to a user-defined path.


A Mosaic matches pictures to an existing infrastructure: a previous picture or Orthophoto map. It is mainly suitable for Aerial applications such as updating Orhtophoto maps and alike.

ProTrack's MAROM application is capable of extremely accurate matching of pictures-to-map.


In both applications, a smoothing mechanism eliminates illumination differences between the stitched video frames. Poor source video quality is compensated by noise reduction filter to improve the output video, and a special Locking algorithm ensures images are stitched in the correct locations.


MABAT - Panoramic View Creator for Ground Sensors

 Purpose Single Strip Panoramas  Multi Strip Panoramas  Automatic Panorama Creation 
  • Panoramic view Creator for Ground Sensors
  • Creates a large panoramic view up to 360 degrees
  • On-The-Fly Image Stitching
  • Post-Process Radiometric Smoothing and Alignment
 Multi-Strip - + +
 Real-Time Video - + +
 Offline Video + + -
 Automatic Build - - +


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MABAT is part of ProTrack's ProMotion Terra ODX301/P, ODX350 and of the NEVO Geo-Positioning application


MAROM - Mosaic Creator for Airborne Sensors

 Accuracy  Depends on the Telemetry's accuracy   Uses an Orhtophoto with DEM for very high accuracy 


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