ProTrack is a software company founded in 1998.

We develop Computer Vision technologies and applications.

ProTrack caters to the military, defense and civilian markets.
The company also sells directly to the Israeli Defense Forces and Israeli Ministry of Defense.


All of ProTrack's capabilities operate in real-time and are operationally deployed internationally for a variety of uses.

ProTrack's capabilities include:


  • GNSS-Free Positioning for Airborne Platforms

  • Ground/Air Video Anchoring and Geo-Positioning

  • Specialized AI for Smart Video Applications

  • Event Detection

  • Object Detection and Classification

  • Video Stabilization

  • Video Enhancements

  • Fog and haze penetration for CCD cameras

  • Automatic Object Tracking for ground-based and airborne platforms

  • Smoke Detection for standard daytime cameras

The company's products are globally unique and some are unrivaled since they are designed to work with difficult-to-process video achieved from harsh outdoors conditions, taken with scanning and moving cameras while in motion, in any place, time and weather.


Additionally, ProTrack's ground and air Video Anchoring, Geo-Positioning (extracting precise map coordinated from real-time video) and GNSS-Free Positioning capabilities are world-leading in accuracy and processing speed.

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