ProTrack's Video Analytics capabilities include:

  • High-end, real-time Video Motion Detection (VMD) for harsh outdoor conditions for scanning (PTZ) and stationary cameras

  • Smoke Detection for standard daytime cameras

  • Object and target Automatic Tracking

  • AI Object Classification

Our technology enables precise motion detection while the camera scans, pans, tilts, jump-scans or shakes, whether randomly or intentionally.

We enable VMD from the air or from the ground, over any area (including water), in bad weather, 24/7 with minimal to no false alarms.

Our technology allows defining filters that limit detection to a specific direction, ranges of speed, amount of motion and object size. This makes the system very sensitive to very small moving objects, yet highly resistant to false alarms.

ProTrack's applications can send information to 3rd party systems via a simple message protocol and complement any surveillance and intelligence system with our high-end capabilities.

Our Analytics capabilities can also be purchased as software engines and integrated with existing VMS, C4I system or any relevant application by using our software libraries and SDK.


Our Analytics capabilities are included in the following ProTrack products:

SafeGrid VMS Video Management System with built-in analytics

WideEye Ground Surveillance

Eyeit Aerial Surveillance

SeeOn Ground Surveillance and Geo-Positioning

Nevo Ground Geo-Positioning

Flight Aerial Geo-Positioning

Additional ProTrack capabilities and technologies:

  • Image Matching

  • Video Anchoring

  • Ground panorama creation

  • Aerial mosaic creation



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