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NEVO serves as an orientation aid, by displaying a the video footprint on a wide-area Panorama and map. The video, panorama and map are precisely matched, allowing the user to extract coordinates directly from any of them.

NEVO can also be operated without a panorama, by using ProTrack's unique image-matching technology, and anchores the real-time/offline video to a digital map.

MAOF has similar capabilities, and can also build a real-time aerial mosaic, and update existing aerial orthophotos.

Both NEVO and MAOF are used as part of Command and Control (C4ISR) systems.

Whether distingushing forces on a battlefield, designating exact target coordinates in adverse weather and light conditions, or controlling a forest fire -
ProTrack's NEVO and MAOF will always provide exact information and assist in building the true and correct Real-World picture.


NEVO Geo-Positioning System for Ground-based Video Sensors

 Name NEVO 2 NEVO 5 NEVO 100
 Range  Up to 2 Km  Up to 5 KM Unlimited

Optional Add-Ons

  • Promotion Terra 301, 301/p, 350 - Video Motion Detection System for Ground-based Sensors
  • SELA 1-5 - Video Stabilization and Enhancement for Ground-based Sensors
  • TRK 301 - Video Tracking System for Ground-based Sensors
  • AMOD 301/P - Abandoned and Missing Objects Detection

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MAOF Geo-Positioning System for Airborne Video Sensors

Please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for details.

Optional Add-Ons

  • Promotion Air 701, 701/Par - Video Motion Detection System for Airborne Sensors
  • SELA Air - Video Stabilization and Enhancement for Airborne Sensors
  • TRK 701 - Video Tracking System for Airborne Sensors

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