for Ground-Based
and Low-Altitude
Surveillance Platforms

NEVO is a software aid for ground-based and  low-altitude observation and surveillance systems, allowing the operator to extract real-world coordinates of any pixel by simply clicking on the day/night real-time video.

​It is comprised of 3 basic elements: ­

  • An aerial map

  • Real-time video

  • A wide area Panorama

the live video is overlaid on the panorama in the correct position, providing the operator with a wide-area context when focusing on a narrow field of view. Object and target coordinates can be extracted from the panorama too.

The map shows the camera's position, the video footprint and the sensor’s line-of-sight to the viewed area and the detected objects (if using the Video Motion Detection capability)





Coordinates and location data of the selected pixel

Nevo includes:

  • Video Motion Detection for PTZ cameras (Day/Thermal/IR etc.)

  • Real-Time Object and Target Tracking

  • Object Classification (optional)

  • Region of Interest and rules definition

  • Video stabilization and Enhancements

  • Video Defogging/Dehazing

  • Smoke Detection


NEVO can interface with existing C4I and control systems, or operated as a standalone application.

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