The use of unmanned airborne platforms relies heavily on the presence of precise GPS (or GNSS) signals and data.

A poor GPS signal or its absence altogether may bring all operations and flights to a halt, severely harming UAS missions, services and supply chains.

Receiving a "spoofed" GPS signal poses serious threats to any UAV and its operators.
INS is usually used a secondary navigation system. INS tends to drift along time and provide false location data.

ProTrack's  uses its unique, operationally-proven, industry leading Video Anchoring capabilities to continually test the GPS and/or INS signals and the platform's telemetry, correct them and make them much more accurate. It automatically switches to precise video-based navigation if it senses they are corrupt.

The product easily integrates with the platform's on-board controller or ground control station (Windows or Linux) and keeps it flying safely even when GPS and/or INS is not available at all.



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