Our Video Management System (VMS) includes all of our Video Analytics capabilities in one simple application.

It analyzes video from any static and PTZ camera.

What's different about our application from the other analytics platforms on the market is that it's designed to work with video from harsh outdoors conditions and it detects motion while the PTZ camera scans and jumps.

ProTrack's algorithms filter out irrelevant movement such as branches, leaves, cables and waves and detect only what matters without false alarms.

Also, there's no complicated licensing model - the application's price includes all the detection capabilities, analytics, rules, configurations and calibrations for every configured video channel.

The application has the following capabilities:

  • Video Motion Detection for static and PTZ cameras (daytime/thermal/IR/etc.)

  • PTZ control

  • PTZ automatic scanning

  • Slave PTZ

  • Multiple Regions-of-Interest and rules configuration (static and PTZ cameras)

  • Event Viewer

  • Object Classification

  • Smoke Detection

  • Image Stabilization

  • Image Enhancements

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