Ground Surveillance

While conducting surveillance of a wide area, operators usually have to use and look at a very large number of cameras.

ProTrack lets you use a single PTZ camera instead.

Your operators will have full control of the entire area, have the benefit of using our video analytics capabilities and do it all with a fraction of the effort and expenses.


WideEye is a long-time operationally-proven orientation aid for ground-based and low altitude observation systems.


It's comprised of 3 basic elements:

  • The real-time video

  • A wide area panorama

  • Specialized Video Motion Detection (VMD)

The live video is overlaid on the panorama in the correct position, providing the operator with a wide-area context when focusing on a narrow field of view.

​​The application includes:

  • Defining an automatic scanning path

  • Video Motion Detection for PTZ cameras (Day/Thermal/IR etc.)

  • Real-Time Object and Target Tracking

  • Object Classification (optional)

  • Region of Interest and rules definition

  • Video stabilization and Enhancements

  • Video Defogging/Dehazing and enhancements

Adding the Video Anchoring capability will further enhance the operator's ability to pinpoint specific objects and targets in the video and on a map.

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