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Mission-Critical Video Based
GNSS-free positioning, geo-reference and object detection and identification.

Get insights, not just video.


Three core capabilities 

State-of-the-art technology and versatility is what makes ProTrack products unique and effective.

Each of our products can take advantage of up to three core capabilities:

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GNSS-free positioning

Operate in GPS-denied environments

coordination icon.png

Coordinate extraction from video

Pinpoint precise map coordinates from video

Object detection icon.png

Object detection, classification and  tracking

Identify stationary/moving objects in video

Real-World Applications

With 24/7, real-time and offline capabilities, our products protect your

critical assets and lower your operating costs and your capital expenditure - reducing the demand for manpower and vehicles whilst

improving efficiency, safety and reliability.

Our Clients

IAI - Israeli Aerospace Industries
Motorola Solutions
Israeli Defense Forces
Israeli Army Intelligence Corp
Israeli Air Force
Israeli Army Land Technologies Brigade
Israeli Government
Israeli Ministery of Defense
Bynet Systems Implementation
ASIO Technologies
Stelop Singapore
Israeli MoD Research and Development Agency
Opgal Cameras
ST Engineering
MER group
ESC-BAZ Thermal Cameras
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Contact us

To see our world leading software and technology in action, get in touch now and we’ll arrange a practical demonstration. Our expertise will change the way you look at your world.

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