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Our key products

If you are searching for GNSS-free positioning, geo-referencing and AI-aided analytics, ProTrack has the best software on the global market.



Our leading Geo-Positioning (Geo-Reference) software for airborne surveillance:

  • Detects and identifies user-defined stationary and moving targets/objects in video, displays their positions on a map and sends their location data to 3rd party systems.

  • Real-world coordinates extraction from real-time and offline video (day and night).

  • Ultra fast, in-mission ortho-mosaic (aerial map) creation.

  • seamlessly integrates with your existing C5I systems.




RED = position based on spoofed GPS

YELLOW = fixed position with Locator


Our premier, industry-leading GNSS-free positioning software. Proven in the field, LOCATOR tests GPS and INS telemetry in real-time and corrects its accuracy. It provides the accurate position when GPS or INS signals are corrupted, non-existent or severely drifted.


LOCATOR can be installed on off-the-shelf Linux or Windows SOMs and is easily integrated with the platform's controller.

specialized analytics
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Specialized Analytics

Our special-purpose AI-based Analytics is used  for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Target/object detection, classification and tracking

  • Event detection (smoke, fire,  leaks, etc.)

  • Change detection

  • High-level feature extraction for image matching

  • Similar image retrieval based on query images

Our extra products

Our additional products

Foresight, WideEye and SeeOn
also provide:

  • Video motion detection for PTZ sensors

  • Automatic path scanning

  • Real-time object and target tracking

  • Classification and analytics

  • Region of interest definition

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