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Our technology

To give more accurate and precise video anchoring and AI-aided analytics, ProTrack products use two key software technologies. This versatile solution offers GNSS-free positioning, coordinate extraction, plus object detection and classification capabilities. No special equipment is needed.Our technologies support cross platform PCs (Windows or Linux) and off-the-shelf SOMs.

Video anchoring
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Video anchoring and

Our video anchoring technology is a genuinely revolutionary advancement in the accurate matching of real-time and offline video to maps. Our best-of-class algorithms enable precise real-world coordinate extraction for every pixel. Our video anchoring and geo-reference technology can also calculate the position of airborne platforms, allowing them to operate safely when GPS and INS data is unavailable, of poor quality or spoofed.

Video anchoring products:

  • LOCATOR for airborne GNSS-free positioning

  • FLIGHT for airborne geo-reference


Specialized AI-aided Video Analytics

Our proprietary, general purpose convolutional neural network (CNN) for image and video processing is not only versatile but is also easily added to our other products.


The advanced classification capabilities of our AI-aided analytics technology can be used for tracking stationary and moving objects in real-time and offline video, detect smoke and fire, change detection, high-level Feature extraction for image matching and Image retrieval by similarity to a query image.

Video anchoring products:

  • LOCATOR for airborne GNSS-free positioning

  • FLIGHT for airborne geo-reference

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Our technologies provide the following capabilities - and can be used on their own or together to deliver added-value and enhanced system utilization and functionality.

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GNSS-free positioning

Our unique GNSS-free positioning technology lets unmanned airborne platforms operate even when GPS and INS are unreliable or non-existent.

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Coordinate extraction

Our innovative software extracts accurate coordinates from video and export this vital data to third party systems. Users can select a pixel within a given field of view get its precise latitude, longitude and height.

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Analytics: Detection and classification

Our software delivers high-precision detection and classification of objects and events in daytime/thermal/IR video.

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